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The People You Need to Make Change Succeed

Why is it that some ideas succeed for a short time and then don’t last? Sometimes, it seems that great ideas don’t even take root! I think that the secret to success is in the people making it happen. Knowing what change management personality 'type' you are can make a big difference in how you see yourself…and knowing what type others are can help you and your change be more successful. My book Visionaries, Builders, and Maintainers was written to help you bring successful change to your organization by helping to identify these critical resources.

Which of the three profiles below seems most like you?

A) You are a teacher and have been for the past ten years. The most rewarding part of your job is watching the children leave at the end of the school year, ready for the next grade.

B) You are a dentist and truly enjoy your job. Although you have to admit that mouths look pretty similar, you enjoy ensuring your patients will have their teeth for years to come.

C) You are a stay at home parent. You enjoy finding projects to do with your children and have a good time working together with them to complete the activity. However, while you are working on it, you are already thinking about the next big thing to do together.

Visionaries, Builders, and Maintainers - the book

Profile A is typical of builders. Builders like to ‘construct’ things (people, organizations, processes, relationships) until they no longer see opportunities for improvement. Then, it’s time to find something else to build.

Profile B is typical of maintainers. People who match this profile typically like being ‘experts.’ They excel at doing the same thing, the same way every time.

Profile C is typical of visionaries. They seldom live in the present, preferring to look at the opportunities of the future. They are big idea people, often seeing opportunities before anyone else.

All three of these profiles are necessary for successful change. Once you know your type, it's important to ally yourself with others who deal with change differently than you. If you're a Builder, for example, look to align yourself with some Visionaries and Maintainers.

So, the next time you're responsible for implementing a change, determine which of the types you need to make change succeed!

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