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Fill Your Sales Funnel Just Like the Rocky Mountain Snowpack Fills the Colorado River

The Grand Canyon was carved by the Colorado River. But why is it that the main river of Arizona’s most famous National Park is named after another state?

It’s because the water levels and flow of the Colorado River depend heavily on a healthy snowpack around the headwaters in the Rocky Mountains of….Colorado! A decreased snowpack leads to lower water levels and drought conditions.  Since the Colorado River is the main water artery of the Southwest, a shortage of snow can have drastic impacts on those along its’ banks. Millions of people and commercial businesses are dependent on Rocky Mountain snow.

How does this relate to your sales funnel? Businesses cannot take for granted the significance of leads and prospects needed to drive sales at the bottom of their funnel! It’s important to track your company’s customer engagements, level of quotes/estimates sent, and your close rate. Use that information to determine the number of prospects needed at the top of the funnel. THIS is your Snowpack! If you notice your sales falling off, it is very likely related to the level of leads coming in!

It can be easy to let ourselves get tied up in operating our business, while letting prospecting for customers and business development efforts slip. If we don’t keep up the pressure to grow, our river of opportunities will run low and we will not be able to sustain our momentum.

If you keep your sales funnel full (snowpack), the resulting sales will follow (healthy Colorado river). So let it SNOW!

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