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Is it raining cats and dogs? No, that’s a storm of change and it’s heading your way!

2020 has definitely been a year full of change!

  • Global pandemic? Check.

  • Millions unemployed? Check.

  • Months in isolation/social distancing? Check.

In the context of all of this change, I found this article on our bandwidth to handle change very interesting. Specifically these two sentences:

“Consider a leading global wealth manager whose employees, we recently found, had to deal with approximately 250 changes per year. These included operating model changes; new leadership structures; new productivity procedures in areas such as travel booking, digitized financial planning, and HR; new enterprise resource systems; agile ways of working such as sprints; and new legal and risk requirements and compliance procedures.

Holy smokes, 250 changes per year!  I bet that’s true for most of us.  Just take a minute to think about it… benefits changes, staffing changes, position responsibility changes, organizational changes IT systems, physical moves, etc.  The article doesn’t clearly state this but I would guess their research doesn’t account for changes outside of work like kids moving grades, aging parents, new neighbors, etc. Add on to that realities from COVID-19 and you've got a real storm of change!

I know it’s true that I fail to account for the ‘other’ changes going on when I am pushing ‘my’ change effort. With this newfound understanding, I want to start thinking about capacity for change like a bucket of water. When the bucket is full, it doesn’t matter how much effort we put into a great communication plan or training module, there’s just no room!

How full is your bucket? What about the bucket of the people you are working with?

photo credit: pixabay

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