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Want An Effective Solution? Work On Its Acceptance!

General Electric’s Change Acceleration Process introduced a very powerful equation:

Q x A = E. While not on par with more famous equations like Einstein’s (E=MC²) or Pythagorus’ (A²+B² =C²), Q x A=E holds the keys to successfully getting your solution adopted. Let’s break it down.

Q = Quality

A = Acceptance

E = Effectiveness

An awesome technical solution would have a high “Quality” score. A solution that all stakeholders love would have a high “Acceptance” score. So, let's say you want to buy the best Ultra HD 4K TV in the store. You’ve done all the research and decide to buy near the top of the line.

Quality = 9

Pick a TV, any TV!

Pick a TV, any TV!

But say your significant other thinks that money would be better spent on a family vacation and will remind you of that fact every time you turn on the TV.

Acceptance = 4

so, Effectiveness (9 * 4) = 36

What if you decided to skimp on quality a little and pay half the price? I mean are the differences really noticeable to the average viewer?

Quality = 7

…and you used that money to go to the beach so that you were able to watch the new TV without fear of spousal comments?

Acceptance = 8

so, Effectiveness (7 * 8) = 56


This logic applies to personal changes (changing towns, homes, schools…) as well as professional ones (new benefits programs, software packages, office space). So, next time you have to find a solution to a problem, don’t just look for the best “Quality” solution, spend some time thinking about “Acceptance” too!

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