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An Impossible Dream

Ever had a dream? A really impossible one? Daniel Nava did. The 70 pound ninth grader dreamed of playing Major League Baseball. Not a unique dream to be sure. Really, don’t most boys dream about scoring a goal, completing a pass, or hitting a home run at the highest level? I sure did.

So Daniel’s dream wasn’t unique. Was it realistic? Certainly not in high school where he barely played before his senior year. And not really at Santa Clara University where he served as team manager. But somewhere along the way, Daniel had a growth spurt. And, after years of college and minor league baseball, he stepped up to the plate for the Boston Red Sox at age 27. A little old for a rookie but Daniel’s dream wasn’t affected by time.

On June 12, 2010, Daniel’s first opportunity to hit in the highest level of the sport, he did it.

Daniel had a vision of what he wanted to do that took more than 10 years to come to pass. That took patience and hard work every day.

Daniel Nava on July 15, 2010

I recently heard a quote in the movie Touchback:

The future is just a whole lot of what you do right now, strung together.

We all have dreams, visions for what we want the future to be like. So ask yourself, “What am I doing right now?”, because that’s a good indication of what your future will look like.

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